Unique Outdoor Advertising in Detroit

People notice pedicabs, and pedicabs go where people are, this makes outdoor advertising and branding a natural fit with pedicabs. Motor City Pedicab can give you the exposure and recognition your company  needs to get noticed. Besides being unique and eco-friendly, our pedicabs are mobile and extremely eye-catching to people driving or walking around town. People instinctively want to share that moment with friends and family and that makes pedicabs the star of social media, placing ads into newsfeeds globally. We can individually tailor your marketing needs through a wide variety of methods that will suit your budget and vision. From single panel advertising to a full-service marketing campaign, Motorcity Pedicab will get your message rolling.

Why Pedicab Advertising?

• Your billboard no longer waits for crowds to come to it; your billboard goes to the crowds.

• More mobile than a billboard, friendlier than a bus and generates more awareness than a taxicab.

• Long exposure time of your advertisement will increase your name recognition by reaching thousands of potential customers at advertising rates lower than radio or newsprint.

• Our drivers can be ambassadors for your brand/company.

• Opportunity for distribution of coupons, promotional items and flyers, also sponsorship of driver's uniforms.